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Commercial & retail spaces

Start up

"All great companies must begin somewhere". GK Service bases it work on this notion, supporting entrepreneurs as they build their success stories. GK Service offers the following services to Start-ups:

  • Assistance during store launch;
  • Assessment of merchandise selection;
  • Constant monitoring of store performance;
  • Planning of the communications campaign for launching the new retail space;
  • Research and staff management.

Development "Location research in shopping centers and historic city centers"

GK Service offers an Executive Development service to all companies hoping to expand their distribution networks through the launch of direct sales points within Shopping Centers, Retail Parks, Railway stations and city centers. Development occurs via:

  • location research;
  • evaluation of the business initiative;
  • visits to the site;
  • assistance during the negotiation phase and contract management;


The commercial success or failure of a business depends on the selection of suitable strategies. Appropriate product/service positioning enables, enhances and strengthens market intervention and creates more dynamic business elements.Understanding and cultivating product-client relations means:

  • anticipating and satisfying the demand for goods and services
  • nourishing and stimulating awareness of this demand
  • managing and overcoming market competition

For the Client, we provide an extensive analysis of the reference market and its complexity and work to identify strong and weak points, possibilities for development and opportunities for differentiation. The drafting of marketing plans in line with strategic objectives and budget limitations, allows Clients to improve production and service capacity within the market. From market analyses to positioning strategies to communications, we help our Clients manage all their relations with other parties.